Wisconsin State Facts

Wisconsin Effective 1/1/2022   Federal Effective 7/24/2009

Wisconsin Department of Labor Webpage

Wisconsin Final Paycheck Law
Fired: The final paycheck is generally due on the earlier of: The next day on which the employee regularly would have been paid under the employer’s established payroll schedule; or within one month. Note: Different rules may apply to certain sales agents employed on a commission basis.
Quit: Next scheduled payday.
Wisconsin Direct Deposit Law
Force Direct Deposit: Yes
Wisconsin Minimum Wage
Minimum Wage $7.25           
Minimum Cash Wage(Tipped Employee) $2.33
Youth Minimum Wage $5.90
Wisconsin State Income Tax
Wage Withholding                Tables
Wisconsin Unemployment Insurance
Maximum 2022 Taxable Earnings (Unchanged from 2021) $14,000                        
Employee 2022 Deduction None
Employer 2022 Tax Rates(plus solvency surtax of 0.00% – 1.30%) 0.0 – 12.0%
Standard 2022 New Employer Rate 2.50 – 3.25%