Your Complete Payroll Processing Solution!
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Payroll: Your Complete Payroll Processing Solution!

    Are you a current Journey Payroll & HR Client?

    Complete Payroll Processing, Including Your Company’s and Employees’ Taxes!

    Each Journey Payroll & HR office is locally owned. We’re not one of those massive call-center payroll processing companies, though we do have that fancy technology and some extras! We’re small business owners ourselves — just like you. Since we’re located within your community, we guarantee you’ll receive the most personal and highest quality complete payroll processing solutions.

    Because each office is locally owned, we’re making decisions and recommendations that are right for you, not a bunch of shareholders on NASDAQ. Isn’t that what neighbors do for each other?

    Not only do we remove the stress out of complete payroll processing, we pair you up with a payroll specialist who is dedicated to you and your account. Although our work is all about numbers, you’re never just a client number to us. We’re on your team.

    You’ll receive payroll submission reminders and cash requirement notifications each payroll, so you never have to scramble at the last minute.

    When we say complete payroll processing, we mean it! We do the heavy lifting when it comes to calculating complicated payroll taxes and withholdings. Federal, state and local taxes are calculated for each W-2 employee, as well as your employer matching portion of Social Security, Medicare and both Federal and State unemployment.

    With everything else it takes to run your business, remembering payroll tax deadlines can be taxing (pun intended). We take this burden off your shoulders and onto ours. Moreover, Journey stays on top of changing tax laws and tables, and our systems automatically update once laws are finalized.

    Everything we do can be 100% paperless. You’ll never have to worry about misfiling or misplacing paperwork. Your account information will always be at your fingertips, on our completely secure servers.