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It’s HR on demand.

HR on Demand Means More Money for Business Without Sacrificing Compliance

As a small or local business, it’s often difficult to have an in-house human resources department. As we’re all aware, HR issues and definitions of what is and is not appropriate are more prevalent than ever. At this point, HR solutions are a necessity.

Although outsourcing an HR professional can be pricey, it’s a better alternative than developing and budgeting for an HR professional’s salary. HR support for small business owners can include the best of both worlds — quality HR experts at a great value. HR on demand curbs the need for an in-house position.

Journey’s HRNOW human resources services gives you exactly this. An HR expert is simply a call or an email away throughout your workday. With answers for employee relations, compliance, and any general HR-related questions, HR on demand doesn’t get much easier than this!

Learn how HRNOW human resources services is the best of both worlds for your company’s HR needs — all the perks of having a dedicated human resource specialist without the price tag.

HR situationsJourney Clients with HRNOWJourney Clients with HRNOWcompli
Unlimited HR SupportTeamOne Dedicated Professional
General Federal and State Compliance
Harassment and Discrimination
Wage and Hour Compliance
Excessive Absenteeism
COBRA, Family Medical Leave Act, Title VII
Industry Best Practices
Online HR Resources
Labor Law Poster with Auto Updates and $25,000 Guarantee
Create and Edit Handbooks, Policies, and Job Descriptions
Anonymous Tip Line to Minimize Claims and Help Culture
Identify & Prioritize Compliance Risks
Workplace Administration Forms

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