Payroll & HR Services

The best complete payroll solutions for business owners. Anyone can sell the idea that they’re the best. We actually care more about delivering than selling, and we have the industry leading retention and local ownership groups to prove it.


Each Journey office is locally owned. We’re not one of those massive call-center payroll processing companies, though we do have that fancy technology and some extras!

Local ownership to ensure you receive the best support.
  • Sleep well knowing you can call or email an owner at any time.
  • Our service is the best in the industry, with 98%+ retention.
Big company tech, small company feel.
  • 24/7 access to employer and employee data.
  • Full payroll tax service to remove your liability.
Best value for business owners.
  • Dedicated payroll specialist.
  • Pricing decisions by local ownership.


Journey makes the new employee onboarding process fast, easy, and paperless. Send your new hire an invitation to complete their onboarding.

Send customized letter with easy sign up for your new hire.
  • New hire completes everything electronically.
  • W4, direct deposit and I9 standard forms.
  • Ability to upload custom documents.
Look as professional as a Fortune 500 company.
  • Impress your new hire with a streamlined process.
Save time and paper.
  • Efficient and easy process for both employer and employee.
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Journey has multiple support options for a business’s Human Resource needs. By implementing the integrated systems together, minimize risk and become your HR department’s reporting and documentation dream!

Unlimited HR questions via phone, email, or chat with an HRNOW professional.
  • Have important HR information available at your fingertips.
  • HRNOW is provided for all clients.
HR Resources with HR360.
  • 24/7 access for all Journey clients.
Labor Law Posters
  • State and Federal provided for all clients.*
  • Updated annually with the latest changes.
Background Checks
  • Multiple checks levels available for all your needs.
  • Federal, State, Country Records and more!
*Varies based on location. Call for details.


Time clocks for business owners need to have options but be user friendly for you and your employees.

Easy, simple, and robust options are available.
  • Customizable options.
  • Scheduling options.
  • Hardware, mobile phone and web based options.
Paid Time Off Tracking and Requests.
  • Easy request process for employees.
  • Quick approval for employers plus calendar view of approved requests
  • Reporting for PTO balances
Admin abilities to view employees time.
  • View all employees' timecards and totals on one screen.
  • Individual time card views to see specific employees time.
  • See total hours worked for each employee as well as company totals.
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Benefits & Insurance

Having a local payroll company work with your local insurance brokers is beneficial to your business.

Health Insurance
  • Benefit admin support.
  • Work with your current broker or ask for a referral.
  • Your premiums are based on each individual payroll.
  • Remove headache from an audit and have Journey take care of your payments.
  • Journey removes payment stress.
  • Work with your current advisor or ask for a referral.

And More...

Journey offers other great solutions and services for your business to run smoothly and efficiently.

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Discover how payroll services for restaurants can save you time, labor, and money! Quit stressing about payroll and devote that time to your restaurant.


Retail Payroll Shouldn’t Entail Taking Time Away From Your Store and Customers.

Health & Wellness

Running your health payroll can be daunting. Don’t sweat it and sacrifice your own health in the process, learn how healthy Journey can make your payroll.


Hotel Payroll can include a lot - but that shouldn’t include vacant service! Learn how you can gain 24/7 online access to your payroll for any updates.


Learning payroll for non-profits takes up valuable time. Rather than learning for yourself, choose a payroll company you can trust to give you the best!


Tech Companies can’t use outdated offerings for employees - that’s embarrassing. We continually seek out the best tech and software, so it’s a win-win!


Construction Payroll is made up of a lot more than just payroll. With pay-as-you-go workers’ comp, paperless onboarding, and HR tools, we build with you.


Transportation Payroll Services shouldn’t include getting the runaround from your provider. With timekeeping solutions and check-ins, we can help!


Financial Institutions rely on policy updates and report reconciliation. To relieve the stress this causes, we’ve streamlined how you receive reports!

Payroll humanized. Switch to Journey today!