Journey Opens Third Location in Southern California

Journey brings their superior service, technology, and value in the payroll industry to the West Coast!

Journey Payroll & HR has an exciting announcement. After the success of their first and second locations, they’re opening a third office in Orange County, CA.  For this reason, they anticipate their California location having the same success as Journey offices in Colorado and Arizona!     

In Northern Colorado, Journey heavily outranks competitors for the #1 payroll company in market share. The sheer volume of their client base has them outpacing even their billion-dollar competitors. Subsequently, this success has allowed them to become the largest privately-owned payroll company in Colorado. Arizona owners Steven Harris and Jaime Zuder utilize the same growth model that elevated Journey Colorado to this level. Not surprisingly, this contributes to phenomenal recognition for them as well. Likewise, this is why similar success is expected for Journey California.

Undoubtedly, California holds a special place in the heart of Kevin Welch, Journey’s CEO. He was born and raised in the Golden State and attended school at California State University of Long Beach. 

Kevin explains, “The opportunity in California is great. We’re looking forward to supporting small to medium-sized business owners in the state I grew up in, and we set ourselves apart in the industry in the best possible way. Currently serving clients in dozens of different states, the third location in California is a fantastic organic next step for our organization.”

In short, California will lead to further opportunities for all Journey locations and their clients.

About Journey Payroll & HR

Service: Journey puts service above all. We believe if you offer a great price and great technology, but don’t have A+ level service, it’s worthless. 
Technology: Journey has the advantage of being forward thinking and fast moving. Our decisions are not based on stockholders, but on clients looking for advanced offerings. 
Value: Journey takes a client trusting their team as a crucial part of their business very seriously. We realize cost is an important consideration and set extremely fair pricing.

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