Big News: Sue Shirley & Ashlee Faulkner Become Shareholders

October 1, 2019

It’s with great excitement that Journey officially announces the two newest Shareholders of Journey Payroll, operating as TLC Employer Services at the time. These two amazing professionals were already team members, and now Shareholders. They’re both incredibly important to Journey’s strength and future growth and this is a well-deserved advancement.

Sue Shirley has been the leader of Journey’s payroll operations since day one. She is someone the entire team is thankful for. There is nobody else the company could imagine being on this great journey with.

Ashlee Faulkner leads business development and has made everyone more comfortable than ever with future growth and representation. She is a reliable person to entrust with Journey’s continuous growth in the best way possible.

Kevin Welch, CEO, says, “These two amazing people both have the proactive work ethic, business savvy, heart and team leadership that makes me feel fortunate to work with them daily.”

This is a great step forward for Journey Payroll and they await the next milestone in their future.

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