New Discounts for Veterans and Loyal Clients

Journey Payroll & HR, a full-service payroll and tax management company, announced the launch of three newly-enacted discount programs to express gratitude to clients.

Journey introduces the “Veteran Appreciation Discount”

Data show that an estimated 9.1% of all U.S. businesses are owned by veterans. Journey Employer Services is proud and honored to operate a business alongside some of this country’s bravest. Furthermore, they know that it is only possible because of the individuals who have fought to protect the country they love.

President of Journey Colorado, Ashlee Faulkner states, “Recognizing a Veteran-owned business is something near and dear to my heart. My brother served in the US Army for 4 years and spent time in Afghanistan on the front lines. Without his sacrifice and the sacrifice of all that serve our great Country, we wouldn’t have the wonderful freedoms we have today! At Journey, we’re all about giving back and this is by far one of the most special discounts for the most deserving.”

Journey believes that the price our veterans have paid for the freedom of their country is a debt that cannot be repaid. Still, they want to show appreciation to veterans by giving back in any way they can. Therefore, they are excited to offer a special discount to veterans.

Journey thanks veterans for giving them the opportunity to partner together. Also, they recognize that the discount is small compared to what U.S. veterans have sacrificed. Still, they ask vets to please accept this as a token of gratitude for service, and they look forward to many prosperous years to come.

Journey announces “Long Term Loyalty Appreciation Discount”

Operating a business takes careful consideration of the bottom line. Those familiar with some publicly-traded national payroll companies have occasionally experienced unfortunate sales tricks. It is common for the sales force to offer aggressive discounts to earn new clients. After 12 months, however, the discount evaporates, and clients often are left paying 25%, 50%, 75%, or even 100% more than the original agreed-upon fee. This not only angers clients, but also tarnishes the reputation and trust of the entire payroll industry, where corporate quotas become more important than honesty and transparency.

Journey Payroll & HR, once again, strives to be different from the rest in the payroll industry. Furthermore, they would like to change the current model of B2B relationships. Research shows that it is more costly to earn a new client than to retain current clients. With this in mind, in addition to the simple fact that Journey loves and appreciates their clients, Journey continuously aims to make client retention a priority.

To demonstrate their dedication to retaining clients, Journey would like to reward those who stay for the long haul. Journey asks clients of more than three years to be on the lookout for the Long Term Loyalty Appreciation Discount on their invoice. With a client retention rate of over 98%, a large portion of Journey’s client base will benefit from this discount. Journey feels this discount is one way to thank clients for being a part of the Journey family.

Sue Shirley, President of Payroll Tax for Journey, says “We want to thank each business that has chosen Journey from the time that we took that first step together. We value your loyal support and feel this is one way of saying “Thank You”. When others in the industry may be more excited about selling new clients, we’re more excited about keeping clients truly happy forever. It’s a different perspective that has worked out well for us and our clients, and we look forward to continue giving back when we can.”

To learn more about Journey’s solutions, the Veteran Appreciation Payroll Discount, or the Long Term Loyalty Appreciation Discount, contact your Journey Payroll Specialist, or your locally-owned Journey Office at

About Journey Payroll & HR: Journey Payroll & HR offers a comprehensive suite of payroll and HR services to businesses with 1–1,000 employees. With almost 1,000 clients spanning across the U.S. states, Journey has been named among the 100 fastest growing companies in the region eight years in a row. Journey takes pride in its #1 in Industry award as well, but is more proud of the hardworking team making things happen behind the scenes.