Journey Improvements: Past, Present, and Future

October 1, 2019

Operating as TLC Employer Services in 2015, Journey Announces Upcoming Improvements

Journey would like to take this opportunity to thank you for entrusting Journey Payroll & HR with your payroll needs. The award-winning growth to become the largest payroll company in their region is because of the relationships with great individuals and businesses.

Below, you will find important information related to upgrades and improvements now and in the future.

Core System Upgrade

Great efforts this past year went into ensuring clients receive the best technology available. Due to recent software upgrades, Journey became a leader within the industry. In addition, this opens the door for various additional new features. Currently, with more than half of clients on the new platform, Journey aims to have remaining clients transitioned by early 2016.

Warned by many fellow business owners that software conversions are extremely scary, they hung onto their seats. However, they could not be happier with how the conversion went. Likewise, Journey recognizes the speed bumps and are putting 100% of their effort into correcting them.

Of course, the patience of understanding clients is crucial during the navigation of those speed bumps. Here are highlights of big things and improvements to come your way in 2016…

Key Improvements

Speed and Downtime of Online System

If you have encountered any slow or downtime with the online system, understand it’s Journey’s top priority. When upgrading to a new, top-of-the-line software system, there’s a greater need for better servers. The original servers were not as efficient as necessary, and the best option has to be found.

Between Journey, IT experts, and software programming resources, the best servers for your needs will triumph. Downtime of any length can be frustrating. While it is impossible to promise you perfection from servers, they will certainly strive to have 99.99% up time. So, this transition will happen immediately.

Customer Service

Journey continues to believe that customer service is everything. As a result, they announce the new hire of a Payroll Specialist. Hopefully, another exceptional Payroll Specialist will join the team immediately.

Attention to detail is so important when handling payroll. So, Journey wants to ensure they are fully equipped internally to handle the growing needs of clients.

Stand Out Offerings

2015 Q1

NEW! HUB, a place for your employees to do everything (Free).

NEW! Push Text & Email Notifications for Employers and Employees (Free).

2015 Q2

NEW! Website to access all of your needs and important information.

2015 Q4

NEW! Paperless On-boarding to remove paper W4, I-9, Direct Deposit form and more. (Free)

NEW! ACA Tracker to guide you through the legal Affordable Care Act curve balls.

NEW! Recruiting Application to help you find the best applicant.

NEW! Single Sign-On Integration 401k record keeping with PAI 401k.

NEW! Rewards and discounts that normally only Fortune 500 companies can offer to all clients.

2016 Q1

IMPROVED! Easy-to-use Job Costing features.

IMPROVED! Simple custom report writer. Custom reporting is great, but historically it has been tedious to set up in our industry. Soon, you will have access to a user-friendly report writer.

NEW! Single sign-on login for businesses with multiple EIN’s.

NEW! Procedure Manual for all of our offerings. All employers and employees will have a quick and easy, electronic and paper manual to answer your most common questions.

Other Great Resources

Health Brokers

Journey is very excited to partner and work with local, talented agents in the healthcare industry. With upgrades in technology tying payroll in with health benefits, they have formed close relationships with trustworthy agents. So, if you need a great health broker to help with your insurance needs, let Journey refer you to a trusted source.

CPA or Bookkeeper Needs

By nature, payroll is closely tied to the accounting community. Working alongside the best of the best CPA’s and Bookkeepers provides the confidence to put you in touch with a top-notch professional that suits your needs. Reach out to Journey for help connecting with a great individual.

Banking Needs

The banking world is drastically different than it was five or six years ago. If you would like contact info for a banker Journey trusts and regularly work with, just reach out.

Thank You!

Journey Payroll can’t thank you enough for your continued business, support, and help over the years. As the number one local payroll company in Northern Colorado, they strive for 10 out of 10 in all avenues. With open ears and minds, they will hear any ways to improve your experience.

With industry-leading 98% retention, Journey always aims for 100% and do whatever is needed.


Journey’s 2015 Shareholders

Kevin Welch, President & CEO,

Sue Shirley, VP of Payroll Tax Operations,

Ashlee Faulkner, VP of Payroll and Business Development,

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