Chris Augusto to Join Journey Payroll & HR as Chief Marketing Officer!

October 26, 2020

Journey is excited to welcome Journey’s new CMO Chris Augusto!

Chris is a Colorado native, born and raised just outside Denver.  He earned his marketing degree from Colorado State University, and currently lives in Fort Collins.

Chris is coming to Journey hot off an 18-year career with the Colorado Eagles hockey team.  He laughs that he had been everything from the mascot to the VP of Ticketing and Marketing.  Chris is accustomed to working long days and well into the night due to the demands of the hockey season, so he admits that the biggest challenge will be transitioning to a more normal business schedule.  Nevertheless, he welcomes the change of pace because he feels it will create an opportunity to focus on marketing, since he will no longer be split between responsibilities.  He is ready to devote more time to his passion, which is marketing.  Chris is excited to bring his outside experience to Journey, as well as fresh eyes to look at different ways of marketing and approaching growth.  He feels he will be an asset because he takes initiative in owning his projects, and he prides himself in being a good listener in order to know how to find a way to provide what Journey wants through marketing.

When Chris isn’t at work, he is busy being a husband to his working wife, Stephanie, and father to their three kids, ages 6, 4, and 1 ½ .  Due to the pandemic, he has been home with his youngest since March.  It has been an eye-opening experience spending more time with a toddler, and Chris confesses, “In the moment, you don’t realize how fun it is when they are that age.”  Stephanie is part owner of a family-owned construction company, and is passionate about her career. 

Photo of Chris Augusto, Journey Payroll & HR CMO.
Chris Augusto, Journey Payroll & HR CMO

In his free time, Chris enjoys running, golf, and road biking, which his father-in-law introduced him to.  When the air quality is not negatively affected by forest fires, he will typically ride close to 1,500 miles per year.  One of his favorite rides each year is one that raises money for children’s hospitals, and he rides 180 miles over the course of three days.  Chris is also part of a group called NOCO Unify, that strives to make an impact in the community.  Last year he helped raise $500,000, which largely helps local children.

Chris is eager to stretch his legs at Journey.  He loves that Journey does a great job of empowering people through coaching.  He says what sets them apart from other organizations is that Journey allows people to own what they do and make mistakes, but that they are ready to assist when needed.  Chris marvels at Kevin’s approach and unique way of making Journey feel like a family, or, as he says, like an athlete feels walking into a locker room. 

Journey CEO Kevin Welch also had a few things to say about Chris joining the Journey family.  “Chris being an expert in marketing is just a piece of what makes him a perfect fit at Journey.  I feel the word ‘culture’ is just thrown around these days, and I believe it has partially lost what it should stand for.  A common growing pain with companies that are growing rapidly is a loss of that so called ‘culture.’  My #1 priority is to make sure everyone on our team knows there is a difference between ‘culture’ and being a ‘family,’ and we focus on seeking out people who want to improve the Journey family.  That said, I met Chris many years ago through the Colorado Eagles.  Since then, I can say he is one of the best humans I know.  Whether with his family, in business, or in the community, Chris sets up his team/family for success.  In our Colorado office, and through our national growth, Chris will make an immediate impact for the Journey family, and we are thrilled to have him on board.”

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