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Franchise Owners

As a franchise owner, you have more than enough on your plate. Let our superior service, leading technology, and unbeatable value alleviate some stress.

As a franchise owner, you have enough on your plate. Let us help.

Just because you own a franchise (or multiple franchises) doesn’t mean you have to settle on a large conglomerate payroll company. Franchises are run by local owners that deserve local service. Journey locations are locally owned and operated, so we work directly with our partners.

We know that when you have multiple locations to handle, consistency is key. Imagine how streamlined your process would be if every franchise you own ran payroll with a company whose service is second to none. As a franchise owner, you know how frustrating it can be to get ahold of a person at the top. So if you go with a large big-box payroll company, imagine trying to contact someone for a payroll question! You can rest easy knowing that our number one priority is making our clients’ lives easier.

With our online systems, you can log into one platform at any time and browse through each of your companies seamlessly. With Journey’s multi-client access, you can easily move from one company to the next with one login. Not only would you be able to get more done, but your data would all be consistent and precise. With that type of efficiency, you can open another franchise!

Speaking of efficiency, Journey also stays at the forefront of new technology. We continually work to improve existing systems and keep our eyes out for any new features. The more efficient and user-friendly the technology, the happier clients are! This line of thinking is what lead to Journey’s NOW offerings, products that are instantaneous.

The first in this NOW line is AdvanceNow, a method that allows employees access to their earned wages early. Different from a payday advance, there is no interest rate and the employer is completely removed from the process. As a franchise owner, you have plenty of employee concerns to worry about without facilitating pay advances as well. Even better, Advance now is absolutely free for employers and the fee to employees is minimal. This is one way Journey is different than the rest. We develop products for client needs, not for our own wallet.

To further demonstrate our passion for client happiness, we also offer discount programs. If you have multiple franchises, Journey will discount each one that stays with us long-term. So the more of your franchises you entrust to us, the more money you’ll end up saving! Contact your local Journey today to see how we can streamline you process and help your bottom line.

Partner with Journey

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