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Journey Payroll & HR makes the new employee onboarding process fast, easy, and paperless. Start by sending your new hire an invitation to fill out their required paperwork. Then employees simply go online to complete paperwork from the convenience of their home.


You’re Hired, What’s Next? 

Journey’s paperless onboarding allows you the professionalism and technological advantage of larger companies, whether you have one new hire or 1,000. With easy-to-follow directions and an onboarding checklist that tracks your employees’ progress in real-time, the new employee onboarding process is a breeze.

Paperless Onboarding

Get rid of stacks of papers and turn your process digital. The service is free to all clients and is fully integrated with payroll to eliminate data entry. Add custom documents with signatures, upload handbooks, manuals and more! 

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New Hire Dashboard

Initiate onboarding, track progress, and streamline your hiring process. Once the paperwork is complete, your information is integrated with payroll to keep everything in one place.


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Custom Documents

Keep uploaded your tailored documents and polices specific to your business. Less paperwork for you!


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Store your new hire documents electronically in one secure location.

If you’re tired of paper forms, printing, follow up Post-its, and all the hassle that comes with the first day, give our paperless onboarding a try!


Frequently Asked Questions

Is this included in my payroll package?

It sure is! Onboarding is fully included. With that, the standard forms are W4, I9 and direct deposit, but you can also add custom forms and documents as well.

What happens if my employee doesn’t have an email address?

New hires that you want to onboard electronically, will need to have an email address in order to complete their forms electronically. We recommend setting up a gmail account or otherwise to help facilitate this.

Can I include custom documents?

Yes! You can add things like your handbook, job policies, etc. for your new hire to complete during their onboarding.

Do I have access to all new hire forms?

Once a new hire completes their forms, they will always be available for you to access at all times.

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