Technology Industry

Efficiencies You Demand and Deserve, by Journey!

Tech Companies can’t use outdated offerings for employees. We continually seek out the best tech and software, so it’s a win-win!

As a tech company, the last thing you want your new and existing team members to feel is that your company policies and culture are old-school and off the pace. It’s about staying ahead of the game and with Journey’s continually expanding software, it’s easier than ever!

First impressions are everything. With our paperless new hire onboarding, send the W4, I9, direct deposit, and handbooks through one secure portal for your new hire to complete before their first day. Show potential hires that not only are you on the cutting edge of tech, but your internal processes are as well. Now that’s a good first impression!

As a tech company, continuously rotating projects and jobs are hard to make head or tails of sometimes. With customizable department and job titles, stay on top of how many hours you’ve spent on each new project rolling in.

With the broad spectrum of problem-solving involved in your industry, sometimes there’s no other option than to toss some 1099’s into the equation. Journey can properly code and run your 1099s and produce your 1099s at year-end!

Continue showing your team you aren’t afraid of innovation or providing them with the best resources available. Give us a call!