Discover how payroll services for restaurants can save you time, labor, and money! Quit stressing about payroll and devote that time to your restaurant.

Payroll Services for Restaurants

Whether you’re an old-school diner or a high-end Michelin Star restaurant, the importance of securing proper payroll is crucial. As a restaurant manager, you have more than enough responsibilities on your plate with handling bonuses, hours, salaries, and tips of every server and cook on staff. So why not employ all-inclusive payroll services for restaurants to make your life easier?

In an industry where employees can come and go with little advance notice, you need a way to integrate new staff as soon as possible. With Journey’s seamlessly integrated paperless onboarding, handbook upload tool, and employee engagement capabilities, you can turn every new waiter and waitress into a veteran overnight. Keep service at the forefront of your restaurant and combat that notorious turnover. Catch new employees up to speed faster than you can cook up the orders.

Properly managing tips is critical to keep your employees happy. It also ensures you won’t be closed down after receiving a five or six figure fine for falsely reporting tips. Journey provides FICA TIP Reporting that gives you the necessary information for your tax credits, ensuring you’re accurately lined up and doing everything right to keep agencies off your back.

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