Journey presents HRNOW! Offering HR Services On-demand

LIVE 1/15/19: Journey’s HRNOW Service for Small to Medium Size Businesses

Journey Employer Solutions, a full-service payroll company, announced the launch of a new offering, HRNOW.  This new service provides small to mid-sized businesses on-demand access to human resource experts. It completely eliminates the need to maintain an in-house HR department.  Business owners who opt into HRNOW can call or email their most pressing HR-related questions and receive answers the moment they need them.

HRNOW is the second offering within Journey’s NOW line of services.  Journey’s NOW offerings vary in purpose, but all provide instant solutions. HRNOW  arrived just weeks after AdvanceNOW; which is a new way for employees to request a payday advance.  It completely removes the employer’s involvement in the process, loan, or fees.

When it comes to operating expenses, it’s no secret that maintaining an in-house HR department is a costly endeavor.  Journey recognized that while HR is a necessary part of running a business, it isn’t the part that produces revenue. Therefore, it shouldn’t break the bank.  Offering HRNOW as an outsourced HR service will ease the financial burden to employers staying in compliance in all areas of business.  All while catering to those who still wish to get the most bang out of their buck.

Some issues HRNOW can address include questions about:
  • Processes for hiring new employees
  • Employee classification
  • Pregnancy, maternity, and other leave-related issues
  • Workplace harassment procedures
  • Employee termination
Ashlee Faulkner, Shareholder and President of Business Development for Journey Colorado

Arming yourself with HRNOW will give your business HR Experts that help you remain in compliance for matters pertaining to HR.  All at a value untouchable compared to any competitor in the payroll industry.

“I am thrilled to have HRNOW to offer our clients both current and new. This opens up our services to something we’ve only talked about offering, but haven’t been able to make a reality. We’re always going to strive to offer our clients the best we possibly can and I think HRNOW reflects that.” – Ashlee Faulkner, Shareholder of Journey Employer Solutions

About Journey Employer Solutions

Journey Employer Solutions offers a comprehensive suite of payroll, tax management, and HR services to small to mid-sized businesses.  Serving clients across the country, Journey focuses on driving the best quality offerings in the regions they serve.  Journey is among the 100 fastest growing companies for the past seven years by BizWest Media.

Service: Journey puts service above all. We believe if you offer a great price and great technology, but don’t have A+ level service, it’s worthless.
Technology: Journey has the advantage of being forward thinking and fast moving. Our decisions are not based on stockholders, but on clients looking for advanced offerings.
Value: Journey takes a client trusting their team as a crucial part of their business very seriously. We realize cost is an important consideration and set extremely fair pricing.

This is not meant to provide legal counsel or advice. Every situation is different. Please contact an HR professional or employment attorney before taking any action.

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