How do I Terminate an employee in PPx?

1. To terminate an employee in the system, begin by clicking on your “employee” tab.
Note: If this employee is not going to be included in your current pay period/ payroll, this change needs to be made before you begin a payroll.

2. From your list of employees, click the name of the employee you need to terminate.

3. You will find the “Term Date” under the “Status” section. Click “Edit Information” to add the term date.

4. Next to the Term Date text field, you will see a “change” button. Click Change.

5. Click the drop down arrow under the “Termination Date” to open the calendar.

6. Double-click the desired date to enter it.

7. After you enter your termination date, enter a reason in the “Terminate Reason” text box. Click the “Update” button after all of the information looks correct.

8. After you click Update, your term date will show up, however you still have to click “Save” for the information to save!

9. After you save this information, you will see “edit information” is visible again – this is another way to double-check that you remembered to save. To view your termed employee and ensure they are properly terminated, click on “All employees” to view your employee list.

10. Un-check the “Hide Terminated Employees” checkbox to show termed employees.

11. Your terminated employee will show in red.