How do I resend a HUB activation?

1. When you hire a new employee, you will need to request a HUB activation if you are not using Journey’s paperless onboarding feature.
The employee will have 5 days to activate their account before the link expires. If their link expires, you can resend the activation link in the Admin tab of your Journey HUB account.

2. From your Admin screen, click the “Alerts and Reports” Link.

3. From the Alerts and Reports page, click the “Employee Activation Attempts,” link, and enter in the applicable date range for the employee(s), and click the “search button.”

4. After you run the search, the employee’s number, name, and the date their activation was sent and the date it expired will show. To resend their activation, click the blue “generate new activation request” link. When you refresh the page, you will see the new timestamp when the activation was regenerated, and the red dot next to the employee’s name will turn green.