Core Values

Journey Believes in Ethical Business Values

Our core values determine everything we do as a company. First and foremost, we believe in maintaining ethical business values. Journey truly cares about small businesses, their owners, and our surrounding local community. In short, we strive to bring heart to our industry and worry about the bottom line later.

We believe if we stick to our ethical business values, success will naturally follow. So far, this theory has proven to be true!

Our Clients

We value our clients and aim to provide a phenomenal level of contentment in payroll. A level they cannot find anywhere else. We understand that without our clients, we wouldn’t be where we are today. So, we make every decision with our clients in mind first.

Whether it’s providing the latest offerings or seeking out the latest technology, this unwavering commitment to our clients has led our phenomenal growth rate throughout the years.

Our Team

We value our team members and provide distinct, esoteric and unique benefits. Certainly, it would be easier to offer the usual benefits everyone else does, Journey doesn’t take the easy route. We believe in helping those who work for us have fulfilling and rewarding careers.

We don’t just talk about having a great benefits package. Rather, we create the best. When we hire, we don’t just look at skills. Individual character and integrity are far more valuable to us. Skills can be taught, whereas character cannot be – just like ethical business values cannot be taught.


We operate with the best of intentions and motives – focused on our clients. Journey values being good-hearted,  sincere, and honest in what we say and do. When these values are your focus, integrity comes naturally. Although this may seem like a given within our industry, we have seen time and again that it is not.

So, not only does Journey aim to bring service back to the payroll industry, but also integrity. We understand that we’re not only handling your payroll – it’s your employees’ livelihood. You have put your trust and faith in us to take care of your employees and we don’t take that lightly.


We believe that as we operate with compassion, innovation, and accountability, we will provide the best service to clients. Along with this, we treat people with respect as part of a team that helps us drive the journey. When all of these things come together, it creates excellence.

However, the Journey level of excellence is more of an abstract idea. Rather than settling for “good enough” or an acceptable point, we always strive for better.


While innovation doesn’t seem to be an ethical business value, we disagree. We strive to bring our clients the absolute best and newest technology and services available. Rather than considering the bottom line, we make our decisions based on what our clients want and need. We know innovation will make our clients’ lives easier and help their businesses thrive.

Therefore, we value being innovative on a regular basis. We embrace change that is technologically and process-improvement driven. That means we plan to always have a feature or two that competitors don’t have yet.

We’ll continue making decisions based on our ethical business values. Learn how much better your experience can be when your payroll company puts you first.