Our Family

Our Company

A message from Journey’s CEO

There is nothing ordinary about Journey Payroll & HR, and that’s because of each member in the Journey Family.  Our growth, industry accolades, or our enviable client retention rate is a side effect to our teams heart, dedication, and desire to provide only the best for our clients and partners.

We offer things such as Unlimited PTO, 100% paid insurance, and the list continues, but that’s not the “it” factor.  Any company can do these things.  Our “it” factor is the heart and care that each person has for one another, and that leadership has for every soul on our team.

At Journey, we don’t just follow best practices; we create them. We are always looking for the best talent to grow our team, because we know we can provide them the best work environment possible.  You can never truly understand how much Journey is above everyone else when it comes to happiness, until you’re apart of it.

When you have phenomenal team members, a drive to always ensure you are innovative and stand out, and combine this with local ownership without being controlled by VC’s or NASDAQ, you have a winning combination not just to win, but more importantly, enjoy life and what you’re doing, day in, and day out.

Our Mission

We humanize payroll and HR for the workplace.

Our Vision

Our vision is you – our client and partners. We know you’re our most important asset, and we are not operated by VC’s or NASDAQ. Every decision we make is in the best interest for you.

Our Values

Heart. Innovation. Honesty. Everyone is the Favorite.  Take the Extra Step.


Your success is our success.

The foundation of our success is taking care of our clients

Our Software

We have internal team to work with our proprietary software, along with working with partner software that is tightly integrated, to ensure you have the best tools in your toolkit for your team.

Our Service

Our clients are known by their name and company, not by a number. We have processes in place to create an experience we can replicate for every client, no matter the size or location of your business

Our Value

Journey’s unique model allows our clients to experience the best of the best, while working with a locally owned team that us heavily invested in your success. This way you get the best of both worlds.  

Our Security

Service, technology and value matter, but they are worthless without top of the line security and protection. We have measures in place to protect your information and ours. 

Our Team

Journey Payroll & HR is proud to be 100% locally owned across the country.  No matter our size, we are operated by local ownership teams, who make decisions for their clients, not Venture Capitalists or the Stock Exchange. 

The Journey FamBam (as our Journey team says internerally) , is apart of the community they serve.  They are active with non-profits, school events, helping others in need, and they give back to businesses in crises during COVID or other unexpected situations.

The best way Journey can brag about their team, is to ask you to speak to them directly.