Can I see how my employees clock in/out if I use HUB time clock?

If you are using HUB time clock, you can run a time entry detail to see what method your employees are using to clock in and out, the IP address they are clocking in and out from, and their times.




1. To run a time entry detail, begin by logging into your HUB account and click your “Clock” tab.

2. Click “Reports/Extracts” under the “Management Tasks” section.

3. Click “Time Entry Detail”. 

4. Enter the date range you would like to run the report for and then click the “Run Report” button.

5. The time entry file will download as a CSV. After the download is complete, click the download to open your spreadsheet.

6. Your detail report will include employee number, name, email, in and out times, in and out input method, in and out IP address, the total hours, and notes. The “Input Method” will tell you how the employee is clocking in and out. If you are enabled for mobile access, this could say either web or mobile.