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February 3, 2022

Happier employees are also more productive employees. A positive work life balance is more beneficial for both parties.

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In the last few years our work life has been completely turned upside down. With increased opportunity for employees working remote and a better work life balance it is important for employers to hop on board with these trends. Both employers and employees can immensely benefit from implementing new workplace wellness trends of 2022. Falling in suit with the many companies that are implementing workplace trends will positively impact your business.  These workplace trends can create a better work environment for employees, boost productivity, and help your company flourish. 

Companies must adapt to the workplace trends under the new normal or risk losing employees and morale. Keeping employees happy improves retention, high quality work, and productivity within your company. Keep reading to learn about the workplace trends of 2022 and beyond.

Hybrid & remote work is here for good

A woman holding a child while working from home.

Remote work has proven as an effective new way of working post COVID . Remote work gives employees flexibility throughout their day, more time with family, and even the opportunity to complete chores at home or errands on their lunch break. Additionally, it allows them to work from anywhere whether they want to visit family out of state while working or take the opportunity to travel while keeping their 9-5. Remote work is a workplace trend that is here to stay.

Diversity and inclusion will become an even greater focus

Diversity and inclusion have become a pinnacle in the workplace and companies globally have been evaluating their diversity, equity and inclusion strategies. In fact, there was a 55% rise in diversity, equity and inclusion related job openings as a result of racial injustice protests across the country in 2020. Employers must be inclusive and diverse in order to keep equal opportunity in the workplace.

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More focus on work-life balance

As important as a competitive salary is for workers, work life balance is just as important and is greatly valued by employees. In fact, employees in companies that encourage taking time off are 68% happier in their jobs compared to companies who discourage or are ambivalent about vacations. Happier employees are also more productive employees. A positive work life balance is more beneficial for both parties.

A group of office workers having a party with cake and hats.

Employees will seek companies with similar values

Employees seek out like minded employers that share similar values to them. This is especially important for employees under 45 and 80% of this age group finds it important to work with a like minded company. Employee expectations post COVID are to work with a company they believe in so they can pour their heart and soul into their work because it aligns with their own personal values.

Meetings & communication will be revamped

Another workplace trend that employees are seeking is less meetings. For many employees daily meetings have proven to be ineffective and takes time away from them working on other projects. With messaging technology such as slack, google chat and organizational tools such as ClickUp and Trello, employees can stay on top of projects and quickly communicate with coworkers without the need for a lengthy meeting.

A greater emphasis on personal and professional development

Personal and professional development is important to employees. They want to feel like they are growing their skills, their knowledge, and as people. Feeling stagnant in a job is a surefire way to lose employees. Offering growth opportunities will help employees feel motivated and keep them excited about the work they are doing.

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(Successful) leaders will recognize and address employee burnout

Employee burnout is a huge contributor to the “Great Resignation”. An effective leader will recognize employee burnout in the staff before the issue escalates. They will also address it in a sustainable method in order to retain employees and give them an opportunity to recharge and mitigate burnout.

Adjusting to the workplace trends of 2022 is essential to maintain employees and to keep them satisfied in their careers. Journey Payroll offers a variety of services from onboarding and human resources to employee retention. Contact us today to schedule a consultation on how to improve employee retention in your business. We can’t wait to work with you!

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