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Start of the Year

January 10, 2018

A new start of the year indicates all things good; a new (higher) minimum wage, a new login page, and new offerings and services!

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Steven Harris, Shareholder, Executive VP of Journey


“With the new year, brings new laws and changes that employers must always be cognizant of. One of those changes is an increase in minimum wage.  While federal minimum wage has stayed the same for some time, state laws, and even some local jurisdictions, can take precedence.  Here at Journey, we make sure our clients know their federal, state, and local requirements to stay compliant and avoid costly penalties.” Steven Harris, Shareholder, Executive VP of Journey.

Along with keeping clients within legal guidelines, Journey is always rolling out new features and offerings, and 2018 will be better than ever.

This month alone you will see:

New Login Page

A new layout to our login page, with new resources and access to key resources. This page will also be a great portal for all future features and offerings to ensure everything is delivered clear between you and Journey.

Expanded HR Features

More details on Journey’s expanded HR features will be released.  These features include workflows and triggers that companies of all sizes will love.

Business Intel Report Survey

There is strong data from the payroll perspective nationally, but not much from a local level.  In response, Journey will be rolling our Business Intel Report twice a year focusing on our local regions.  This report will be based on information gathered from our data, and just as important, our survey results from you.  We will be asking all of our clients key questions to see trends, likes, and dislikes, so you can see what your fellow business owners are thinking.  Receiving this report is completely free, all we ask is for you to help participate by filling out a 5-question multiple choice survey that should take no more than three minutes.

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Beyond these rollouts, we have much more up our sleeve, so keep a lookout for our email alerts, social media posts, and our login page.

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