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March 13, 2020

Dear Journey Clients:

Our hearts are with anyone going through a difficult time because of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). This virus is affecting our world, our country, our communities, and our daily lives. I am sure many of you are like me and are thinking of a dear loved one that is at high risk. I promise you that Journey will do our part in keeping our team, our team’s families, and our communities as safe as possible.

Our ownership team and leaders throughout Journey Payroll & HR are working together in trying to stop the spread of this virus by doing what we can. We know there is an abundance of information on the Coronavirus, and it’s changing rapidly. Myself and our team are not medical experts, so we’ll leave that information up to the scientists and medical experts.

The process of on-going compliance in Payroll, HR, and Payroll Tax Filing is a challenging undertaking for businesses of all sizes, which we are proud to be the experts in. We thank you for your trust in us. Please know we look to step up even more during these unique times. Even though we strongly dislike the situation we are all in, we thrive off an opportunity to be there for you.

– Keeping Our Eye on Updates –
We are staying in close contact with all the changing regulations and keeping our systems updated as required and expected. Also, we’re monitoring for the latest news. We are also watching all the news updates (just like you) and speaking with our contacts at the tax agencies. Lastly, we are working closely with our partnerships in HR, Legal, Financial, and Insurance industries to work together, to make sure the businesses we are working with have the best care.

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– Emergency Webinar-
We are putting together online webinars that update you on everything you have potentially heard in the Payroll, HR, Financial, Bank Lending, and Legal world. “Laws” or “Rules” have changed temporarily in a lot of different areas. Federal and state rules are changing on all of us- not day to day, but hour to hour. Journey, along with other experts will be working together to provide you the best information possible in these critical areas of your business. You can find these webinars on our Coronavirus news and resource page.

– Mail Delivery Services Interruption
Our protocol will change clients that physically pick up their payroll. We have options for immediate solutions for these clients. With this being said, I am concerned at some point some delivery options may be interrupted. This is outside of our control, though we do have every option available to provide you an even better solution. (Direct Deposit, Paycard, and AdvanceNow). This piece changes rapidly, so please ask your Payroll Specialists for the best way to ensure your employees are paid on time.

Clearly nobody wants to be in this position, though we do want you to rest easy in that we are here for you. Every business is going to have to pivot in different ways. Our hearts become happy when we are able to support your needs in any way possible.

As always, we start and end with our hearts. Please let us know how else we can be there for you and your business.

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Kevin Welch, CEO

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