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April 17, 2020

Journey's COVID-19 Business Center is here. Visit this user-friendly site to get all of your coronavirus-related business questions answered.

Image of the COVID-19 Businness Center

As the country continues to grapple with the uncertainties associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, Journey aims to provide clarity.  We know you are probably being bombarded by information from many different sources, and we want to help.  That’s why, as your trusted payroll provider, we have collected and organized the information in a user-friendly way.  This resource is called the COVID-19 Business Center.  Our hope is that you will find our site easy to navigate, and you’ll turn to us when in doubt.

Therefore, we encourage you to visit our COVID-19 Business Center to learn more. 

COVID-19 Business Center Icons

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Government Grants and Loans in the COVID-19 Business Center

The comprehensive site covers the five government programs offered to provide relief for employers and employees.  The site also includes the following topics:

CEO Message

In this section of the site, you will find messages from Journey’s CEO, Kevin Welch.  The message discusses the overall picture of Journey internally, and how we’re handling the COVID-19 situation for our clients.

COVID-19 News

Now, you can find urgent news that affects your business here.  So, you can expect to see anywhere from 1-5 messages per week.  The messages on the site depend on COVID-19 news from Washington, Journey Partners, or Journey ourselves, that affects your business.

Government Grants

The most well-known loan, or grant, is the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP).  Since the SBA has stopped accepting new applications, it’s important for businesses to be aware of the other programs available to them.  Even if you have been approved for a loan through the PPP, other programs may be better suited for your business.  This is a place on our site where you can easily compare all programs.

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FREE Unlimited Support

Journey is dedicated to doing all we can for our clients.  In this time of need, HR and COVID-19 support questions are non-stop.  We never want to leave you with unanswered questions, so we have provided a team of HR professionals to be there for your needs.  This has always been a Journey offering, though once COVID-19 became a part our lives, we decided to make this offer free to all Journey clients. Visit this support icon on our site to get started.

Image of the #JOURNEYTOGETHER icon in the COVID-19 Business Center, saying, "WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER"


Although we are experiencing feelings of separation and isolation, we are all in this together.  Click the #JourneyTogether icon in the COVID-19 Business Center to find out how Journey is giving back.

Download Resources

We are discovering that some COVID-19 forms and applications are hard to find. Therefore, we have placed critical downloads that you may need for your business in one place.  No more hunting on different sites for the correct link, because everything you need is right here for you.

Local Investors

Clearly there is a need for cash and support during these times, and for certain industries more than others.  So, for businesses who are looking for financial support for short term survival, or long term growth plans, bringing in an investor could be a great option.  Therefore, through this icon in the COVID-19 Business Center, Journey is using our contacts to potentially link you with investors who can provide value and connections locally.


With so much uncertainty due to COVID-19, you need answers.  Through this site, we help clear the muddy waters to answer hundreds more of your most pressing questions. 

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A Site Where We Are All in This Together

In summary, we hope Journey’s COVID-19 Business Center will give you a place you can turn to, trusting us to be there for you.  We are all in this together.

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