Colorado Overtime Minimum Pay Standards Order: COMPS Replaces CMWO

January 26, 2020

The Colorado Overtime Minimum Pay Standards Order is hot off the press. Here is what you need to know about the COMPS replacing the CMWO.

Two happy workers in Colorado because of COMPS.

Acronyms can be confusing.  Still, their purpose is to reduce confusion because they are short for some really lengthy and complicated stuff.  Furthermore, with so many recent changes to labor laws, they can be helpful in remembering which law is which. This is where acronyms are helpful in clarifying the Colorado Pay Standards Order vs. the CMWO.

So, put on your readers because we just received word from the CDLE’s DLSS that they’ve finally adopted the COMPS, replacing the CMWO.  Here is what you need to know about the new Colorado Overtime Minimum Pay Standards Order.

All the Acronyms and COMPS

Ok, first things first.  For those who are new to the Colorado business world, we need to get you up to speed.  Let’s clarify these acronyms:

  • CDLE – Colorado Department of Labor and Employment.  This entity is a department of the Colorado state government, and is responsible for overseeing a slew of regulations.
  • DLSS – Division of Labor Standards and Statistics is a division of the CDLE, and deals largely with laws surrounding Colorado wages.
  • CMWO – Colorado Minimum Wage Order.  As the name explains, this was a wage order enacted in 2017.
  • COMPS – Colorado Overtime and Minimum Pay Standards Order, as previously mentioned, is a new wage order that replaces the CMWO in 2020.

Out With the Old Wage Order

Now, it is no secret that the CMWO was wildly confusing.  Therefore, it is a good thing that the COMPS has come to the rescue.  However, what was it that made us scratch our heads about the CMWO? 

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Well, for starters, employers were uncertain about which employees were covered by the CMWO.  Furthermore, they were unclear about the criteria that warranted exemption from the protections of the wage order.  So, the purpose of the new pay standards order is to make all of this—and more!—intelligible for employers and employees alike.

In With the New Pay Standards Order

So, what are some of the changes that come along with the new pay standards order?  Well, here is a high-level overview as a point of reference:

  • Expanded overtime rights to encourage job creation.
  • Expanded break rights with a focus on work-life balance.
  • A gradual-phase salary exception so that employers can choose a pay option that works for them.
  • Coverage for all industries, instead of only a handful, as was the case with the CMWO.

COMPS!  When Do We Begin?

Now, you are probably wondering exactly when this new order goes into effect.  Well, you can exhale for a moment, because you have until March 16, 2020 to get your affairs in order.  Nevertheless, don’t delay, because you want to make certain to stay in compliance with these important labor laws.

COMPS and Other Awesome Acronyms!

So, as you can see, the COMPS is one acronym we can be truly grateful to know.  Specifically, the COMPS makes it easier for Colorado employers to understand the employee pay requirements, and covers all types of industries.  Just make sure to get your ducks in a row ASAP so that you can be in compliance by the March 16, 2020 effective date.  TTFN!

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