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Not only do we provide Payroll Services and HR Technology, but we also assist our clients through our educational payroll blogs! Covering everything business-related, from new legislature to company culture, we aim to teach on all aspects of owning a business. Long story short — our goal is to provide every business with the tools to help increase smiles and decrease stress.

Image of MLK

MLK: The Man Who Worked for Us

Born and partially raised in St. Louis, Missouri, diversity has always been part of my life.  Hugging the Mississippi River on both the east and west banks, St. Louis is a city nearly split down the middle demographically, with black making up approximately 47% of the population, and white 44%.  Although white myself, I was … Read more
Photo of two pennies with a Christmas scene.

Working on Christmas: A Ha’Penny Will Do

At the beginning of the Christmas season every year, an old song pops into my head:  “Christmas is coming the goose is getting fat… if you haven’t got a penny a ha’ penny will do.”  However, few topics are as difficult for me to flesh out on paper as Christmas.   Perhaps it’s because I’m unsure … Read more
Photo of an hourglass sitting on a computer representing a deadline extension.

Attention: ACA Deadline Extended

In the payroll and taxes world, it seems like there isn’t always a lot of good news to report.  However, last week the IRS announced that they have extended the deadline for certain ACA reporting documents.  As you can imagine, extending any IRS deadline is good news.  So, there’s a little gift to you from … Read more
People sitting in a meeting on their computers.

Business Meetings: 5 Ways to Optimize Precious Time

Business meetings are unavoidable.  They can be long, arduous, and just plain boring.  Although dreaded by many employees, they do serve a purpose.  The goal of business meetings should be to address relevant issues affecting the company.  Nevertheless, oftentimes assemblies venture into the weeds, which can derail focus.  This causes frustration among employees because after … Read more