About Journey

Humanizing Payroll for the Workplace

Humanizing Payroll for the Workplace

Back in 2010, when Sue Shirley and Kevin Welch launched their payroll service company, they decided on the name TLC Employer Services. While some assumed these initials stood for ‘tender loving care,’ it actually represented the standards of the company: timely, local, and committed. Although with the company being their baby, tender loving care was relevant too! Kevin and Sue set out to find what’s absent from other employee payroll services and use that missing quality as their stepping stone.

Eight years later with expansion looming, our name changed to Journey Payroll & HR, but all the greatness remained! We now proudly support 800+ clients between our two locations. We have come this far because of the foundation of exceptional service we were built upon. The name ‘Journey’ represents our journey with clientele because we walk alongside them every step of the way. We will plot the path to a prosperous relationship, together.

With hundreds of years in collective experience, employee time and attendance software, state-of-the-art payroll software, and most importantly, heart, the Journey team is the best traveling companion for you and your company.

A payroll service company shouldn’t be some unknown abstract thing. We humanize the payroll experience because we understand that building a relationship is first and foremost. You’re not a number or account, you’re a person — learn how Journey is humanizing payroll for the workplace.