Where do I find my W2?

W-2’s are stored within your Journey HUB account for 7 years. 1099’s are not stored in your HUB account, you will receive a paper copy at your address, so make sure to keep your address up to date! If you are unable to find what you are looking for, simply let your employer know.To access your W-2:

1. Log in to your Journey HUB account. On your Home screen, you will see a box titled “My Employee Documents.” There are 2 sections, “Pay Stubs” and “Year End.” Under “Year End” you will see a blue link titled “2017 W2.”

2. When you click the 2017 W2 link, it will automatically download as a PDF, which you can either print or download to your computer for safe keeping.


3. If for whatever reason you cannot see your W2 on your Home screen, you can click on your “History” tab and your W2 will show here as well. These links will also automatically download as a PDF file.