What do I do if I Forget to Clock out?

1. On the Home Tab of your HUB account, you will see a link below the Clock In/Out button that says, “Forgot to clock out and need a mulligan?”.

2. When you click “Forgot to clock out and need a mulligan?”, the window will appear for you to enter in what time you were supposed to clock out.

3. Enter in the date and time you were supposed to clock out, an additional message you would like to show with your Mulligan request, and if you would like to clock in automatically after your mulligan is submitted. If you click “yes”, it will have you enter your department and job as well (if applicable).

4. A message will appear after you click submit, stating your mulligan request has been sent. If you chose “yes” for “would you like to clock in after your mulligan request is submitted,” your clock in time will display as well.