Payroll Pick-Up Contacts

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Applies to Journey Colorado and California Clients Only

What are Payroll Pick-Up Contacts?

Payroll pick-up contacts are employees other than yourself that you authorize to pick up your confidential payroll packages. Journey continually works toward improved security of your confidential payroll information. So, we’ve added a new layer of protection for clients that pick up their payroll. Your authorized pick-ups will be added to Journey’s list of contacts, which will be checked and verified when payroll packages are picked up.

Authorized contacts must be sent in writing, before an individual other than the owner of the company picks up payroll. If you request an update over the phone, a confirmation email will immediately follow that you must respond to with written consent. No contacts will be changed without written confirmation.

Making Changes to Your Contacts

Changes to your contacts must be sent to your payroll specialist immediately. To submit changes, you can fill out the form below to notify your payroll specialist or send an email to submit your changes. If someone is on the approved list, they are allowed to pick up payroll until Journey is notified of changes. So, tell your Payroll Specialist as soon as possible if someone on your contact list leaves.

Why would I need to authorize an employee to pick up my payroll?

Your payroll reports and even employee’s individual check stubs contain a gold mine of personal info. And, to put it simply, thieves are getting crafty! It would be a thief’s dream to get their hands on some of this company and employee data. For that reason, we are extremely secure with this information. Journey looks for any opportunity to improve security, so when this brilliant idea was presented, we jumped on it!

This is why we also ID employees picking up their personal checks. Because of the sensitive information we handle, we’ll never give someone the benefit of the doubt or assume they are who they claim to be.