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Our goal as a company is to be locally recognized by our community as the premier provider of Payroll and HR services to small and mid-sized businesses. We also want to be recognized for our community contributions and the quality of service we bring to the local Tucson market. We have strong ties to the community, and truly give our heart to bring Tucson the best service possible.




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Tucson and Journey were meant to be. Audrey and Joey bring credibility to the local Tucson market. With a combined 40+ years of experience in the payroll and HR world, we offer something very unique. It’s not often that you find a duo who has worked together for 16 years with that much experience. We have a love for the city of Tucson and our local communities that’s unparalleled. After both having worked at a National Payroll Provider together for the last 16 years, we have learned what it takes to run a successful payroll business.

We strive to respect, service, and be thankful for our clients daily. With many choices in payroll providers, it’s important for our customers to see the value that we bring to the table through our work ethic, transparency, fairness in pricing, and overall desire to keep their businesses compliant. It’s also important to help our clients be successful by patroning their businesses and referring them to others when we can.

“Audrey and Joey have the heart and drive to succeed for their community and their clients! I feel honored to have them be Journey owners.”

Kevin Welch                                              CEO | Shareholder | Founder


Joey Medina

President | Managing Partner

Joey and his partner opened their own local payroll service bureau Journey Payroll and HR Tucson. After only 2 years in business, they successfully service over 400 local Tucson businesses. Joey currently sits on the boards of Felicias Farms and The Blake Foundation.

Audrey Good

Vice President | Managing Partner

Audrey Good has been part of Journey Payroll since she opened with her partner Joey Medina in 2 years they successfully service over 400 local Tucson businesses ..

Lina Freed

President of Payroll Operations

Lina is a fifth-generation native of Colorado, with three of those generations residing in Fort Collins. So, it’s understandable that her roots run deep in her home state, and her Colorado pride is evident.

Kristinna Fredrick

Implementation Specialist

Jamie Hickman

Payroll Specialist

Kaia Soufl

Payroll Specialist

Scott Halsey

Payroll Specialist

Robin Duttry

Payroll Specialist

Julie Rossillon

Payroll Specialist

Sarah Willox

Systems Director

Ashley Brink

Payroll Specialist

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