IRS Adjusts 2018 HSA Contribution Limits for Family Coverage (Again)

Just when you thought you had your Health Savings Account (HSA) all figured out and under control—boom—the IRS has switched it up again. Less than two months ago, the IRS announced a reduction to the 2018 maximum allowable HSA payroll deduction, from $6,900 to $6,850. Feedback from employers, major stakeholders, and even individual taxpayers reflected … Read more

The Final Paycheck

The scenario: one of your employees is leaving the company. They may have resigned or the end of the relationship was not part of their plan. Either way, there is some settling up that needs to take place. How soon after the employee leaves do you need to hand over the final paycheck? Are there … Read more

The IRS Announces New (Reduced) Contribution Limits to Health Savings Accounts and Adoption Assistance

On March 5th, the IRS announced a reduction to the 2018 maximum allowable contribution to Health Savings Accounts (HSA) that the agency originally announced in May of last year. The contribution change is a result of a provision in H.R. 1, the tax reform bill enacted in December, that changed the way that inflation-related increases … Read more

The Employer’s Guide to Fringe Benefits

Today’s tight job market means that employers should consider stepping up their games to attract top talent. One way to entice employees and maintain the status quo with your existing crew is to offer fringe benefits; sweeten the pot, so to speak. It attracts high-quality hires, retains employees and rewards your team. Get back, Jojo … Read more