Image of the COVID-19 Businness Center

Journey COVID-19 Business Center

As the country continues to grapple with the uncertainties associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, Journey aims to provide clarity.  We know you are probably being bombarded by information from many different sources, and we want to help.  That’s why, as your trusted payroll provider, we have collected and organized the information in a user-friendly way.  … Read more
Image of PayPal logo, a fintech company to participate in the PPP.

Fintech Companies to Participate in Paycheck Protection Program

By now, many small businesses have heard of the Paycheck Protection Program, a component of the CARES Act, which is responsible for the COVID-19 stimulus package.  As we know, the program aims to keep American small businesses afloat during the stay-at-home orders issued by various state and federal government agencies.  The program hopes to accomplish … Read more
Photo of a computer office set up outside for working from home.

7 Tips for Working from Home

The American workforce is a dynamic mosaic, with a myriad of pieces making it beautiful, even breathtaking, at times.  No two businesses seem to operate identically, and yet the differences in operations don’t necessarily mean better or worse.  In fact, we’ve seen some pop-up food trucks achieve similar success as long-established brick-and-mortar restaurants.  Still, historically … Read more