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Pay as you go workers' comp means no more guessing and no more large premiums paid up front. Discover how small premiums paid each payroll saves you stress.

Pay As You Go – Workers’ Comp Made Easy!

Pay as you go workers’ comp not only saves you money, it’s more accurate. Your premiums are based on each individual payroll (as you go) rather than an estimated annual payroll amount. Estimations are often just “guesstimations” because most of us can’t predict a week into the future, let alone an entire year.

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With traditional workers’ compensation insurance plans, your premium is calculated from an estimation of what you think your total payroll will be for the year — and often paid in an upfront sum. Let’s say your company experiences tremendous but unexpected growth. The growth is great for business, but bad for your workers’ comp plan. You’ll have another premium bill to pay based on the difference between your estimated and total annual payroll. Nobody likes unexpected bills!

There lies the beauty with Journey’s pay as you go workers’ comp. Premiums are calculated and paid for and a report is sent for each payroll ran. So even though you still have to go through the audit process, it’s much more accurate — meaning less stress for you. Pay as you go plans are seamlessly integrated into your payroll processing, and help you save money because you make smaller payments across the entire year.

Journey Payroll & HR will work with your current insurance broker or help you find an “A” rated insurance company that suits your needs. Contact us today, and let us take the work out of your workers’ compensation insurance!

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Every state has its own laws and regulations, so use this map to learn more about workers’ comp in your neck of the woods. View state specifics

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