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Time clocks for small businesses can have robust options. With online and physical time clocks available at all levels, we'll give you the gift of time!

Time Clocks for Small Businesses Don’t Have to Mean ‘Small’ Options!

No business owner has time to waste on time tracking. Time clocks for small businesses don’t have to mean small options. Installed on computers, phones (Android and iPhone), or tablets, Journey’s online time clock offers those larger options businesses need. Send reminders to employees that haven’t clocked in or out, track breaks, record PTO requests, monitor overtime, and much more. No more chasing down time sheets or trying to calculate hours when someone forgets to clock in or out.

Not only that, our online time clock also helps you to stay on top of your payroll budget. Say goodbye to overtime abuse and those extra minutes that quickly add up. Journey’s desktop and mobile on time attendance software makes life easier not only for you, but your employees as well. Available in one dashboard that seamlessly integrates our time and attendance tracking software with payroll; it ensures you don’t waste time manually entering hours.

If an online time clock isn’t the route you’re looking for, don’t fret. We have options that use biometric authorization to eliminate any possibility of “buddy punching.” Fingerprint, hand scanners, and even voice activated time clocks are available, ensuring that systems aren’t misused.

It’s simple. It’s convenient. And it saves you money and man hours. Journey Payroll & HR’s robust time clock options allow you to spend your valuable time growing and managing your business, instead of busywork. Let us give you the gift of time!

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