Getting a new hire up to speed is time consuming, even before they begin their assigned duties. On top of the mandatory paperwork, there’s also employee handbooks and procedural manuals that need to be printed, bound, distributed, and signed. It adds up, not just for your HR Manager, but in department costs as well.

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Journey Payroll & HR makes the new employee onboarding process fast, easy, and paperless. Start by sending your new hire an invitation to fill out their paperwork. Then employees simply go online to complete paperwork from the convenience of their home computer.

Paperless Onboarding

Free to all Journey Clients

  • Gives you the professionalism and technological advantage of larger companies
  • Fully integrated with Payroll
  • Stored electronically
  • W-4, I-9 and Direct Deposit all included
  • Add Custom documents with signatures
  • Upload employee handbooks, policies, and procedural manuals for your new hire to review
  • Easily update policy changes and require all employees to review it within their dashboard

You’re Hired, What’s Next?

Make Onboarding a Breeze

  • Initiate onboarding with new hire’s Name, Email, Job Title, and Hire Date
  • New hire receives an email with the link to fill out their paperwork
  • Once they complete their paperwork, approve the new hire
  • All information is synced with Payroll!
  • Paper Form Downloads (I9, W4)

Each new hire also receives a secured paperless employee account. They can easily access their account to update personal information, including their W4 tax allowances and direct deposit forms for paperless pay. Paperwork for your onboarded employees is stored not only in your secure account, but within their own as well for easy access.

If you’re tired of paper forms, printing, follow up Post-its, and all the hassle that comes with the first day, give our paperless onboarding a try!

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