Labor Law Posters

Labor law posters are a huge compliance headache for business owners. Learn how Journey's multiple solutions ease the stress for you!

We provide not one, but two labor law poster solutions!

Although labor law posters aren’t the most exciting part of running a business, they are among one of the most crucial. Proper posting of labor laws is mandatory for employers with at least one paid employee. With the failure to post notices totaling over $34,000, improper posting could cost you your company.

As a business owner, you don’t have the time or resources to learn and follow up with posting requirements. However, it’s your responsibility to keep up and comply with proper posting. This predicament leaves business owners between a rock and a hard place, doing their best to ensure compliance. So don’t fret, and trust in Journey!

We understand that solutions aren’t ‘one size fits all’ — especially for our clients. Business owners need something that fits their price point, with their employees’ and their company’s needs in mind. That’s why we provide not one, but two labor law poster solutions. So, you can pick the solution that best suits your needs.

Included for all clients

Here at Journey, we provide the tools and resources small to medium-sized business owners need and want. That’s why we include annual all-in-one Federal and State Labor Law posters for all clients, absolutely free. That’s right: you’ll receive a free, updated labor law poster every year within your New Year Package from Journey. Not only are you safe from buying costly posters, but also from most of the stress and headaches.

Upgrade to Guaranteed Labor Law Poster Compliance

Labor Law Poster scams are one of the most frustrating and annoying parts of year-end for business owners. Scammers insist you’re outside the compliance limits unless you buy their overpriced posters. This stress and harassment is the last thing business owners need during their busy seasons! With Journey, you’ll have the peace of mind to hang up on the scammers and focus on your business.

Our second option is an upgrade, but at a price point that gives peace of mind to both your compliance stress and your wallet. Journey’s Guaranteed Labor Law Poster Compliance covers every base, so compliance is the last thing on your mind. With our clients’ needs in mind, this option combines a guarantee with a great value.

Included with Guaranteed Compliance:

  • High Quality, laminated All-in-one Federal and State labor law posters
  • When there’s a change to posting requirements, you’ll receive an updated poster — automatically
  • Receive email notices for changes in local or city posting requirements
  • Backed by a $25,000 guarantee

Gone are the days of monitoring compliance updates! When you upgrade to guaranteed compliance for your labor law posters, updates are automatic. No calls, emails, or worrying about requesting new copies. You’ll receive your new, updated poster in the mail, without even asking! Even better, all posters are attorney-approved, providing peace of mind for such a crucial necessity.

If you’re currently utilizing Journey’s free labor law posters and would like to upgrade to guaranteed compliance, contact us to get started!

No matter which labor law poster option you choose, rest easy knowing #JourneyHasYourBack!

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