Employee Rewards

Free employee discount programs aren’t just for corporations. Discover how upgrading your payroll can also upgrade your employee offerings as well!

Free Employee Discount Programs Can be Offered by Smaller Businesses

Your employees are the life blood of your company. So if you can provide them with more employment perks for free, why wouldn’t you?

Presenting Journey’s HUB Rewards! Offer team discounts to your employees with zero work on your part. Free employee discount programs usually come from Fortune 500 companies with an asterisk or strings attached, but Journey’s program integrates automatically with your employees’ self-service portal accounts.

Employees can easily and securely access promotions and coupon codes for national companies including Bass Pro Shops, Otter Box, Universal Studios, and the Home Depot, just to name a few. As if this weren’t awesome enough, team discounts rotate through different offers, so you don’t get bored of the same old options.

Typically, only large corporate companies are able to offer free employee discount programs, but not with Journey. We are locally-owned, so we understand the conundrum of wanting to offer the most to your employees while keeping price in mind. That’s why we include this nice perk to all of our clients absolutely free.

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