401(k) Plans

If your employment agreement doesn't have a 401k plan, we can help. Our 401k options allow ease for you and opportunity for your employees.

Is Your Employment Agreement Lacking a 401k Plan? We Have a Solution!

Financial wellness ranks high for employees as they look towards their long-term futures. We all have that image of ourselves in the future, clad in glasses and white hair, yelling at kids to get off the lawn from the porch — simply a vision of retirement. As an employer, you can help your employees achieve this vision by including a 401(k) Plan in your list of employee benefits.

Unless you’re an expert, administering retirement plans can be complicated and very risky. Journey Payroll & HR removes any stumbling blocks with the help of amazing partners, so you can add a retirement plan to your employment agreement faster than you can say ‘get off my lawn.’ With Journey and the right Third Party Administrator (TPA), you’ll have a match made in 401(k) heaven. We take care of the set-up process, payments, and reporting. What’s even better, it’s all seamlessly integrated with your payroll processing. Easy peasy.

Journey doesn’t try to sell you a 401(k) platform that we own. We let the 401(k) experts drive the conversation, because, well, they’re the experts. We’ll work with your current financial advisor or TPA, or make a referral to a trusted local broker based on your needs.

Adding a 401(k) program to your list of employee benefits is not only a huge bonus for the employee, but also for your business. When employees feel secure and supported, they’ll stick around. Make an investment in your employee’s futures and your company.

Call Journey Payroll & HR today, and we’ll show you how planning for your employees’ futures is a win-win.

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