A Letter from our CEO, Kevin Welch

Journey’s 2020 Plan:

  • Close major partnerships.
  • Bring in new local owners.
  • Create tighter processes to ensure only A+ results.
  • Push even harder on supporting local communities.
  • Double in size in four years.
  • Keep retention above 98%.

Journey’s 2020 Reality:

Zoom meeting. Sanitize. Put out a statement about a pandemic. Zoom meeting. Close major partnership. Zoom meeting with someone drinking a white claw. Sanitize. Bring in new local owners. Zoom meeting. Feel incredibly lucky that I work with these amazing humans at Journey. Check if we’re stocked up on toilet paper. Zoom meeting with a baby in the background. Create stricter process to ensure only A+ results. Double in size in four two years. Zoom meeting. Keep retention above 98%. Hug my family extra tight. Found out what TikTok was. Sanitize. Double down over and over again on local community support. See our community and clients push forward through hard times. Sanitize. Zoom Meeting. Gain even more clarity on what’s important in life. Zoom meeting. Feel overwhelming appreciation for the ones in my life. Sanitize.

Well… 2020, am I right?

kevin posing

2020has been a year of unparalleled disruption in our lifetime. The perfect storm of a pandemic, harsh politics, injustice, and false information being spread has tested us as Americans, and as humans. Yet it’s the rough times that define us as leaders and human beings.

As you may have caught in our “Plan” vs “Reality” above, Journey actually achieved ALL the goals we set out for. In fact, we’ve grown much faster than anyone could have expected, in spite of all the unforeseeable challenges we had to face.

How did we do it? In the course of this difficult year, we were given the chance to step up and act, to support our communities, and to show the service and the heart of this company. When businesses found themselves suddenly scrambling for HR answers, we resolved to be the solution that provided YOU with the response you needed, via phone, email, or chat for FREE. Publicly-traded companies, on the other hand, chose to push these services to upsell their clients on HR in order to enrich their stockholders. There is a time and a place for upselling, and this was not it.

I am proud of our decision, and countless others we made in 2020, to act from the heart. The events this year have reinforced the vital importance of the work we do at Journey Payroll & HR. Our company and our industry are the very definition of essential. Between providing HR support completely free to clients during the start of this pandemic, supporting our community with the #JourneyTogether (a strong give back program to local businesses being negatively affected the most) movement still to this day, and working with banks throughout the twists and turns of the PPP loans, we will always treat our clients like a person, not a number. This is the fundamental difference between the indifferent megacorps and Journey.

Thank You, Clients!

To our clients who have trusted us these past 10 years, we thank you. Like you, we are locally owned. No matter our size, we will always have local ownership and we will always focus on heart in everything we do.

Thank you for inspiring us more than ever on every day of this year. We are a team that pushes forward, adapts, and when faced with tough times, we huddle even closer together (still 6 feet away, of course). Just like our team, our community is only strong when we stay united. I see it on social media and through word of mouth: the communities we serve are led by phenomenal individuals. Simply put, you are inspiring and you should be proud of yourself.

Thank You, Accounting and Insurance Partners!

Our industries are essential. For this reason, on the macro level, we will all traditionally go with the overall economy and avoid fast downward or upward swings. We are steady with the local economies we serve, which reminds us all of the importance of working with the communities we serve, and of working with local businesses ourselves.

We will always support you and our mutual clients, just as you support us. Thank you for your partnerships and please let us know if there is anything else we can do for you and our clients moving forward!

culture pic
Journey Payroll & HR on Remote Workplace Culture

About eight months ago, I wrote a letter to you.

This letter was surreal to write. Figuring out what to say about the pandemic and what our company was doing in middle of worldwide chaos was never on any entrepreneur’s goal-in-life list. When you start a company from scratch, you always keep in mind that there are unknowns around the corner, and part of any business’s success is having the agility to adapt. But this one, well, it was definitely not in the playbook.

I am in awe of our team and how we worked together through this year to not only survive, but to flourish in the best way possible. Every single member of our team stepped up, and are still stepping up. I’m truly the luckiest CEO there is.

Moving Forward.

Our Journey Family pushes forward for you, our partners, and our communities. We are able to do this because we listen and learn from you and your energy and positivity. We see your positive actions on social media and we hear it through word of mouth, and we are listening, learning, and supporting you. Trust, that will never stop.

Our team recognizes that YOU are the ones that keep our journey going.

2021 is going to be an exciting year. Not only will we finally see the end of this pandemic, but we will also be rolling out some amazing things for you and your business. A few things coming in 2021:

An elephant in business casual attire leaning on the Journey logo
  1. The Journey Forward podcast will launch in January for free education and business ideas in our communities.
  2. New, better technology will be delivered to help your business and your employees in several different ways.
  3. “The Jimbo Team” will come to life from our clients, partners, and Journey members and will focus on client experience.
  4. The #JourneyTogether movement will have more unique ideas to support our communities.

2020, you taught us more than we signed up for. But let’s go our separate ways.

2021, we’re ready – let’s do this!

Hug your family extra tight tonight, and never stop that routine.

With a full heart,