Journey’s Newest Office and Shareholders

October 1, 2019

Today, Journey Payroll & HR opens their second office in the Tempe/Scottsdale, Arizona market! The team is excited about taking the offerings and services we have in Colorado and mirroring that in Arizona. While the new location is exciting, the leaders for this market are even more exciting.

Steven Harris and Jaime Zuder are the newest members of the Journey team, as local shareholders of the Tempe location. Although it’s a brand new market, their phenomenal experience and trailblazing attitude is just what Journey Arizona needs.

Kevin Welch, CEO of Journey Payroll & HR, explains the excitement,

“Their experience is important, but more importantly, they both have the strong work ethic needed to be an owner, empathy for their clients which will allow them to grow strong relationships, and business intelligence to make the right business decisions to maneuver a business in the right direction. We are honored to be working side by side with these two individuals.”

This addition to Journey provides reinforcement to both locations to better support all clients. All shareholders, salespeople, and payroll specialists are local, to provide local clients with the best support possible!

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