Press Room

Welcome to our Press Room!

Within this page, you can find all of Journey’s press releases, news, and announcements for any new products or offerings. However, if you’re looking for more business-geared information about updates and laws — take a peek at our blog. If you want to learn about our journey as a company, our values, and mission statement — read on!

The Original Journey: TLC Employer Services

Journey Payroll & HR began in 2010 as TLC Employer Services. At first, just an idea (or dream if you’re optimistic!), founders Kevin Welch and Sue Shirley wanted to bring quality service back to the payroll industry. Both of them came from one of those payroll giants, and they felt service was the missing piece of the puzzle. This, along with value and technology, built the foundation for TLC Employer Services.

‘TLC’ stood for the company’s principal ideals — being Timely, Local, and Committed. Those 3 pillars paired with the ever-important service, technology, and value made a recipe for success. While TLC perfectly encapsulated our motto, we quickly outgrew it within 7 years and became JOURNEY!

Growth and Awards Lead to Journey

Journey Payroll Colorado won Bizwest awards as one of the Mercury 100 fastest growing companies from 2012 — 2019. Considering we opened our doors in 2010, that’s some pretty impressive growth! Not only did we earn these awards, but we’ve also collected 4 awards for Bizwest’s #1 in the Payroll Industry for our region served. We aim to continue collecting these awards for years to come and show them off in our press room!

Journey Payroll Arizona

Fast forward to 2017. Journey’s second location opened in Tempe, Arizona, under the leadership of Steven Harris and Jaime Zuder. With the original business model under their belts, they too were able to grow and gain recognition within their community quickly. Jamie and Steven have matched Colorado with their growth rate by sticking to the core focus of Journey — our three pillars of best service, best technology, and best value! With Journey, simply add excellent work ethic and amazing people, and the #JourneyTakeover happens organically.

Journey Payroll California

Jumping forward another two years brings us to Journey’s third location in Long Beach, CA! Located right in our CEO, Kevin Welch’s backyard, this was the next natural step for our “big offerings with local service” takeover. Kevin is joined by shareholder and Vice President of Journey Payroll California, Audra Sandage. Together, they are excited to expand service into Southern California and opened their doors in May of 2019. Journey services clients all across the country, but clearly we’re making our stake in the areas our owners live and play in!

While this may seem like enough excitement for the year, this was just the beginning for 2019.

Journey Payroll Florida

Following quickly behind Journey Payroll California, is our fourth location, Journey Payroll Florida! Located in Tampa, the Journey level of service is spreading across the country. Opening their doors in August, their leading the #JourneyTakeover on the East Coast. While we already serve clients in Florida, having that local level of customer service is still a crucial part of the Journey plan.

What’s Next?

This rapid growth and expansion are not due to luck. What is lucky for us — is that we don’t have stockholders on Nasdaq or anyone to answer to other than our clients. This means we can make our decisions based on their needs — not six layers of managers’ needs, who are focused more on stock price reactions.

We always look to grow through great partnerships and relationships. If you’d like more info about important updates, read through our press room! Have a similar business model or feel a special connection? Reach out to us — we love making friends! #WeLikeHappyPeople