• How to process a payroll in PPx / Xpress?

    Running your payroll in Journey’s Xpress online portal is simple. With just a quick 1-step process, you’ll be well on your way!
  • How to terminate an employee in PPx / Xpress?

    Need to make a change to your employee roster and terminate an employee? Your Xpress account makes that super easy to do with one button!
  • How to add direct deposits into PPx?

    Simply click on your employee, select direct deposit, and easily make the change to the account.
  • How to add / edit a deduction in PPx?

    Making a change to an existing deduction or adding a new one, has never been easier. Select the employee and the deduction and you are done!
  • How to add / change a pay rate in PPx?

    Making changes to employee’s rate of pay has never been easier! Quick and easy access to make the changes you need!
  • How to create a manual check in PPx?

    Need a check on the spot? It’s quick and simple to create a manual check for an employee you need to pay right away.
  • How to add a new employee in PPX?

    If you skip paperless onboarding and want to add the employee directly into Xpress on your own, you can easily do so by following the quick steps under the employee tab.
  • How to add 401k employer match?

    Have a 401k match you want accounted for? Quickly add it under the memo’s tab in your Xpress account for that specific employee.
  • How to edit / change employee tax information?

    Does an employee have a change to their W4 they need you to make? Use the easy tax info update to make those changes in a snap.
  • How to access payroll reports?

    Whether it’s one report, or all your payroll reports that you need, you can easily pull them in your Xpress account under your reports tab.
  • How to run an unscheduled payroll?

    Need to run a payroll but its not your payroll week? With our easy unscheduled payroll option, you can run off cycle for those one off’s.