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As an insurance broker, you know partnerships are crucial. You need a payroll partner you can trust to treat your clients, as their clients.

Partner with Someone You can Trust to Treat Your Clients Like Their Own

These days, the insurance world is continually evolving. As an insurance broker, you have enough to keep track of. The last thing you need is your clients utilizing a careless payroll company that doesn’t give you or your client the time of day. A few small mistakes in payroll reports can be detrimental.

Here at Journey, we understand that you have enough responsibility and really don’t need the added stress of incorrect reports. You also don’t want to be on the receiving end of client panic if those audits and fines come rolling in due to incorrect reporting. We are locally owned and operated so we can and will work directly with you. You won’t be passed around a corporate department.

Reputation and trust are crucial for a successful partnership. Journey understands this and the consequences a bad partner encounter can have on your client base. Protect your reputation and your clients by partnering with the leaders in client retention.

When your client needs payroll assistance, it’s a relief knowing you’re referring them to a payroll company that puts service above all else. Our bottom line has nothing to do with monetary amounts, but rather, our client’s happiness levels. You want a partner that’s going to treat your clients the way you want them treated. When you partner with Journey, you can rest assured we provide our A+ level of service to each and every one.

As if all of this weren’t reason enough, we also have Journey’s ACA tracking solution. Our streamlined platform tracks employee data, populates C-Series reports, and much more to make your ACA season less hectic. Create your own login to their ACA dashboard, for information at your fingertips the moment you need it. Have the control you need to help your clients the most efficient way possible.

When clients pair payroll with insurance, everything will feel so streamlined, they’ll never want to leave! Reassure your clients and your retention. Great partnerships are all about working together. Let us give your clients our best while you handle what you do best — health insurance. Reach out to your local Journey office today!

Partner with Journey

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