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Banks rely on relationships and reputation. Read how we’ve built upon both with our clients and how you can partner with us to share this success.

Partner to Share Our Success

Banks rely on relationships and reputation. Here’s the funny thing, Journey does too. We know every payroll company says that, but after meeting the fourth payroll salesperson in a few years from the corporate payroll world, you’ve given up hope. It seems like payroll companies just care more about quotas than clients. Well don’t give up hope just yet — Journey does care about clients and we’d love to prove it! Our retention rate, awards for growth, and local ownership demonstrate that care.

Considering the information and trust clients put in your banking institution, everything needs to run as smoothly as possible. When you say you’re going to deliver something, you need to deliver. One or two bad experiences and there goes years of relationship building. If the bad experience was due to a partner’s blunder — it stings even more.

Being that we are in the payroll industry, Journey whole-heartedly understands this level of responsibility! We don’t take the trust our clients put into us lightly. Journey was founded on the principle of providing superior service, technology, and value. Our partners help grow our client base and we, in turn, boost their clients’ trust in them and their decisions!

Partnering with us means never worrying about jeopardizing that trust you’ve built with clients. If anything, it will enforce the trust you’ve already built, because they’ll understand you really do have their best interest in mind and won’t refer them to just anyone.

Help us help you. Give your local Journey office a call and learn how rewarding a true partnership can be.

Partner with Journey

Let's work together to ensure that our clients are in good hands.