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The reputation of your association partners is crucial for success. Provide your members with the best service, technology, and value payroll has to offer.

Why Partner for Payroll?

We understand the pressure of finding the best association partners. No matter what industry you represent, you have to find the perfect balance to reward both the association and your members. As if this weren’t enough, you also have to worry about your reputation as well. One wrong partnership, and you can lose your members’ trust.

Journey understands how hard you’ve worked hard on your reputation. We understand because we too thrive on reputation, and always strive to protect it. Therefore, we provide the absolute best service, technology, and value to our association partners. If you’re an association seeking a partnership, not only for financial reasons but to find a team that truly acts as a partner rather than a big corporate agreement, read on to learn why you should choose Journey.

Benefits for Association Partners

Our goal is to completely change the way you view partnerships for associations. We understand some past experiences may have left a bad taste in your mouth, which is where we come in. Our award-winning growth over the past 8 years is proof of our dedication to clients. Not only will you receive exceptional service, you’ll receive it at an incredible value. When you partner with Journey, you won’t have to worry about tarnishing your reputation or disappointing your members.

Deals for Members and Associations

Our association partners receive all of the great benefits that come from working with Journey, but with association discounts as well! This means you’ll receive Journey’s A+ level of service for all of your payroll and HR needs, along with discounts and/or free upgrades. No matter what industry your association represents, Journey will have all of the services and offerings your members need.

As association partners with Journey, you’ll experience a true partnership. We work together to grow and support not only your association but your members’ businesses as well. Both your association and members will financially benefit while working with Journey. Talk about a win-win!

Protect Your Reputation

One of the biggest challenges of finding partnerships for associations is the gamble you take on service. You’ve promoted your industry for far too long to partner with a big-box payroll company that provides sub-par service. Luckily for you, Journey’s recognized for our outstanding reputation, personal touch, local ownership, and industry-leading client retention rate. By all means, read what our clients have to say about their experience with Journey for further proof. When you partner with Journey, you’ll feel proud recommending payroll services to your members.

Since we’re privately owned, associations can always interact with an owner and decision-maker, so we have more freedom with our association partners. So, let’s become even more creative with our partnership. We have clients in every industry, which is where we can really take our partnership to a whole new level! We can work together to grow the number of members in your association, and then provide them with the absolute best payroll service. Let our success and reputation compliment yours.

Why Associations Partner with Journey

We understand that association partnerships are based on mutual trust and respect. When you refer members to Journey, you can rest easy knowing they’ll receive the best service and technology, at the best value. Grow your membership base and your association’s reputation with Journey. Reach out to us today to learn how we can help your association!

Partner with Journey

Let's work together to ensure that our clients are in good hands.