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CPA partnerships are more than just numbers. We provide the payroll and HR offerings your growing firm needs to supplement and retain clients’ accounts.

CPA Partnerships are About More Than Numbers — Make Your Partnership Count!

As an accountant, your first priority is taking care of your clients. You may have a payroll solution as part of your business, or you may refer them to a trusted outside partner. Either way, you want to increase business and strengthen client relationships. You’ve most likely discovered working with a publicly-traded payroll company doesn’t align with your business. The main reason being that your clients are privately owned, you’re privately owned, and there’s something different about working with local business owners.

Our CPA partnerships allow small- to mid-sized accounting firms to provide not only payroll and HR services to their clients but much more! With offerings ranging from paperless onboarding to workers’ compensation and everything in between, you can grow with your clients without that additional work. You get to decide how involved — or not — you are with processing clients’ payrolls. We’re able to do this because we’re not a cookie cutter business — we want to create something special that’s just for you. A conversation with local ownership can dig deeper into customization options.

Payroll and CPA partnerships are a match made in bookkeeping heaven. You’ll have complete access to your clients’ payroll data and reports 24/7. That makes your job a whole lot easier. Everything you need is where you need it when you need it. Have multiple clients with Journey? Even better! With multi-client access, view each client’s account and reports separately, with ease.

Refer your clients to Journey to ensure they’re in good hands. You’ll still have full access to all the records you need to get your job done, and your clients will have a dedicated payroll specialist that has their back. Being that it’s a partnership — we have your back! If we catch something wrong with numbers, we’ll reach out to you, and vice-versa. We work together for a common goal — or should we say, common client!

At Journey, we create the CPA partnerships your growing firm needs. We offer a portfolio of payroll services that will make you even more invaluable than you already are. We call that a win. Give us a call. Let’s get together. And let us show you what win-win looks like.

Partner with Journey

Let's work together to ensure that our clients are in good hands.