Paperless Onboarding

1. To add a new hire, begin by signing into your HUB account and click the HR tab.

2. From here, click “New Hires” over on the left-hand side.

3. Click “Add new hire.”

4. Enter the information of the new hire’s contact person if they have any questions (this is most likely yourself if you are entering the new hire).

5. Enter the new hire’s information. To get the new hire paperwork sent, all you need is the first and last name, Email address, job title, and hire date.

6. Select which state(s) the new hire will be working in.

7. Enter a Welcome Message for the new hire. You can click the blue “View Sample Messages” link to view samples or your previously used welcome messages.

8. Select Federal & State documents for the new hire to fill out.

9. Fill out Affordable Care Act (ACA) Documents according to your company health insurance plan. If you do not offer a health insurance plan, simply uncheck the “ACA Notice of Exchanges and Subsidies” box.

10. Select and/or upload any custom documents for the new hire.

11. Select any Standard Questions you’d like the new hire to answer, which includes Direct Deposit and Emergency Contacts.

12. Select any pre-built HR questions you’d like the new hire to answer.

13. If you would like to create custom HR questions to ask the new hire, we recommend consulting an HR professional. If you need help finding a trusted HR professional, let us know and we’ll send an introduction.

14. Review the new hire’s information, then check the box and complete the new hire set-up by clicking “Complete.”

15. The new hire will receive a secure email to the email address entered on the first screen that will include a link to their new hire documents to complete at their convenience. This process will also have them set up their Journey HUB account. If your employees are using the time clock, you will need to contact your Payroll Specialist to get this service activated.
Note: After your new hire completes all of their paperwork, you will receive an email notification prompting you to “approve” them. To approve your new hire, you can log into your HUB account and click on your alerts (the red bell on your main dashboard) or you can go back to your new hire dashboard to approve them. During the approval, you will enter in the last bit of information (verify I-9 documents, add their rate of pay, etc.) and then approve. Once approved, the new hire will be added to Journey’s payroll system. If you DO NOT APPROVE the new hire, Journey WILL NOT receive any type of notification making them aware of a new hire. You MUST approve the new hire for them to be added to Journey’s system.