Our Security

Journey stays in tune with the strongest security measures available.

We utilize multiple layers of the best security features available to keep your data safe!

Security is an increasing concern, as it should be. At Journey, keeping our clients’ records secure is paramount. We continually evaluate safeguards, seeking out technologies to ensure the security of our online payroll services. Don’t let those other unsecured web payroll services leave a sour taste in your mouth. Journey is quite refreshing for online payroll, never sour. When life gives you lemons, give us a try!

Security Practices

Fully Insured and Bonded
Every location is independently owned and operated, though each location is required to be fully insured and bonded to protect our clients and our local ownership. We’re fully insured and bonded to protect our clients and our company. Transparency is one of our corporate values, so don’t hesitate to question details of our multi-million dollar coverage policies! Though we will warn you, they aren’t the most thrilling read.

We recommend that every one of our locations have redundancies in place for internet connectivity and phone lines. Our data security has the following in place:

  • Firewalls
  • Load Balancers
  • Switches
  • RAID6 SAN Configurations
  • SQL Server Power

Team Member Training
Our team members undergo rigorous training to ensure your files are protected and secure. Strict protocols are followed for transmitting and receiving confidential information, hard copy material, and online payroll service access.

Data Storage

  • Dual-interlock
  • SSAE 16 Type II audited
  • Data is store in a 40 megawatt, 450,000 sq/ft data center
  • Dry-pipe pre-action fire suppression system with VESDA
  • Entire facility exceeds Seismic Zone 4 requirements by up to 15%

Server Capabilities
Our servers contain three major layers, each made up of four sub-layers. Each layer and sub-layer represents a basic building block. Much like a club sandwich’s layers mdash; but tastier (security-wise that is)! This design was put in place with the goals of 100% Customer Uptime and Absolute Data Protection.

Natural Disasters
In the event that a Journey Employer Solutions office closes due to a natural disaster or something outside our control during regular business hours, our backup office is prepared to be available and ready to support your payroll needs.

If you’re secure, we’re secure! That’s why no stone is left unturned while we seek out the newest and most secure systems available. Stay safe and snug mdash; let Journey be your security blanket!