Sue Shirley

Who is Sue Shirley?

Sue Shirley is the second part of the Journey originals! In 2010, she and Kevin Welch started Journey (which was TLC at the time). When not taking care of clients, she enjoys spending time with her husband Steve, visiting family and friends, and playing with her beloved dogs (“the girls” as she calls them!). Fun little known fact about Sue, she grew up on a Ranch in Steamboat Springs and was a rodeo queen in a previous life! Luckily for us, her rodeo queen life is behind her and she is Journey’s President of Tax Operations.

Client Love:

Sue loves the friendships built with clients along the way. Being that she has been aboard since the beginning, she’s gotten to know many of our clients! When a familiar face drops by, one of her jokes is sure to be heard across the office. Sue appreciates that clients trust us for their payroll needs and that they have chosen Journey out of all others.

Team Member Love:

Like our other owners, Sue loves that we are locally owned! She appreciates the talented team members she works with each and every day (and we appreciate the heck out of her)! Sue’s hands-down favorite though, is that we strive to meet the needs and wants of our clients. Here at Journey Colorado, our employee of the month award is actually named after Mrs. Shirley herself based on her fantastic outlook on client service!

Favorite Things:

Raised in Colorado, Sue’s favorite sports team is the Denver Broncos of course! She loves being outside and taking walks, and sipping on her favorite drink — iced tea. When the mood strikes her however, she does enjoy cutting lose with a nice cold Coors Light.