Kevin Welch

Who is Kevin Welch?

Kevin Welch is our fearless leader here at Journey! As our CEO — Kevin was the original owner of what was then TLC Payroll (#throwback) with partner Sue Shirley. When not working on company development and new ideas, Kevin can be found spending his time with his wife Christine and their two sons. They mix their California roots with their new Colorado home when glamping it up in their family camper, or while traveling up mountains and finding beaches! Kevin’s favorite solo pastime is golf and his favorite way to give back to our community is by supporting non-profits through special events.

Client Love:

Kevin loves that clients can truly see the difference Journey provides. They are privately, and many locally, owned businesses that respect the difference between us and the publically traded companies. He enjoys knowing clients (and meeting those he doesn’t know) and ensuring that they are more than just a client number. Kevin loves being able to support growing companies by providing the tools they and their teams need. He also enjoys geeking out over the new tech we’re working on behind the scenes. All the clients we support are also locally and privately owned, so the more we grow, the more they can grow!

Team Member Love:

Kevin loves his team because they don’t hold back when giving him jabs throughout his day (we sure don’t!). They take the motto of truly caring and treating each distributed paycheck as their own to heart. He personally cares about each amazing individual on the team, not because it’s his job as the CEO, but because they are all great. He’s beyond grateful for the work family the Journey team became. Lastly, they make him want to be a better person tomorrow than he was today. So we’re pretty awesome.

Favorite things:

Pittsburgh Steelers! If you’re a Steelers fan, you’re alright in Kevin’s book! He’s a huge sports fan, so he also loves his San Jose Sharks and Oakland A’s as well. Actually a lot of those jabs he mentioned earlier may often involve one of these 3 teams. Although Kevin and his family don’t ski or snowboard, they do love Breckenridge. Anytime they can find a combination of warmth and beaches, they’re happy. As we can all attest, Kevin loves his coffee and water! When he cuts loose at team building parties, he does enjoy a vodka soda as well.